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Get exactly what you need at The Pink Liquor Store in Texarkana, AR

After a long day at work, there's nothing like cracking open a frosty beer or pouring a glass of your favorite drink. Finally, you have time to kick back and relax. To make sure you always have your favorite drinks on hand, stop by the Ninth Street Package store in Texarkana, AR. We'll always have your favorite products in stock.

Nicknamed The Pink Liquor Store, we're a part of the Texarkana community. Our package store is well-stocked, and you'll always find a friendly face ready to help you. And if you get a craving for something a little more exotic, we'll be happy to order it for pickup in our local store.

Stop by your local beer store in Texarkana, AR and pick up your favorite poison today. Or, call 870-773-1205 to place a special order.

Pull out of our drive-thru with everything you need

Can't get home to your recliner fast enough? Then don't get out of the car. Purchase a case from our frosty, 20-degree beer cave and get home before the frost can melt by using our drive-thru lane. If beer's not your beverage of choice, then pick up any of our selection of fruity mixers and coolers without having to make small talk with other shoppers.

Get your liquor faster by using our convenient beer store drive-thru in Texarkana, AR, just make sure to keep all your delicious drinks sealed until you get home.

It's not the size of the store, but how you stock it

After a visit to The Pink Liquor Store, we guarantee you'll leave satisfied. We're local, so there's no corporate entity telling us what to do. We order all our products just for you. You tell us what you love, and that's what you'll find on the shelves-including year-round eggnog. And if you can't find it on the shelf, we'll order it for you right away.

Our typical selection includes:

  • Beer
  • Liquor
  • Tobacco
  • Wine
  • Soda
Still not sure what you want? Our friendly staff can make suggestions based on what you're looking for.